Lig & Bittle

by Elyne Quan & Jared Matsunaga-Turnbull
Production Support Provided By
Ontario Power Generation

Lig is very tall, and Bittle is very small. They both wish they could find someplace where everything is just the right size for each of them, where no one will notice that they are different. When Lig and Bittle hear about Perfeckt Phitt, they set out on a quest to this wonderful place where all their problems will be solved. Can Lig and Bittle overcome the Muckety Muck and the Ooga Monster to find the place where they both fit in?

FOR ELKP to Grade 3

New for 20/21 – Lig & Bittle Audio Play!

For this school year, Lig & Bittle will be available in the form of an Audio Play – like listening to a podcast or an old-time radio adventure story.

Each school that books will receive a school-specific online folder including the four chapters of the play and a study guide with exercises created specifically for the Audio Play format.

Each booking of Lig & Bittle can be used for the whole school for an entire month.

Lig & Bittle Audio Play cost – $250.00 + hst

Creative Team