The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito

by Tomson Highway
Mary Jane is a mosquito who doesn’t have wings. At home in Petit Petit Le Paw she is teased by the other mosquitos who won’t be friends with her. She is sent off to school to live with her auntie in the city as she searches for a place where she can fit in and make friends. After many adventures, Mary Jane learns to make friends sharing her language, her kind heart, and her songs with the world.

This musical show explores themes of feeling like an outsider, dealing with bullying, moving to a new place, and feeling different from what’s considered normal. As Mary Jane’s tale unfolds through song and story, Tomson Highway has woven in Cree words and phrases that are taught to the audience through playful interaction. With live music throughout supported with puppetry and fanciful costumes, this is a engaging piece for younger audiences.


Now Booking for April & May 2022 – Northern & Southern Ontario Tour