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Carousel Players is a professional theatre company specializing in making and teaching theatre for young people. Our core activities are producing two to four plays a year for school and public audiences; working with artists to create new Canadian plays for young audiences; and providing arts education to young people ages 4-14. You can be part of this work!

Children don’t forget how art makes them feel. Carousel Players creates spaces for young people to express themselves through drama education and to see themselves on the stage and feel represented. Our work helps them make memories, not just in the moment but for a long time. People still remember Carousel shows decades later because it is a live experience – it creates a different effect than watching through a screen.

This year, as children return to school and socializing, there is a particular need for the social and emotional benefits of live theatre. Once we are able to be together in schools and communities again, the act of gathering and sharing will be very important for the healing of children who have been isolated for so long. Your organization can support this life changing experience by sponsoring performances, projects, and families.


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Carousel Players is a not for profit charity. Our mandate is to offer theatre without barriers of geography or cost, which is made possible by the support of sponsors and individual donors. We hope you’ll consider being part of this work.

The average Carousel Players tour costs between $50,000 and $60,000 to create and tour, while schools pay $300 to $750 per performance, and family audiences pay $10 per ticket.  Our Arts Education programs cost more than $50,000 per year, but they are currently offered below cost, or in some cases at no cost to schools or parents. These figures reflect the economic realities of school board arts funding and of household incomes in Niagara.

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