Fully Funded workshops

Playlinks provides artist-in-the-classroom enrichment activities that deepen the experience of Carousel Players’ theatre performances for children and youth.

What is Playlinks?

The Playlinks program is a two part arts education program, developed originally by the late Dr. Debra McLauchlan of Brock University’s Faculty of Education.

Through the Playlinks program, Carousel Players has been enhancing students’ experience of live theatre since 2014. Playlinks provides artist-in-the-classroom enrichment activities that deepen the experience of Carousel Players’ theatre presentations for children and youth.

The pre-performance workshops introduce central concepts of the play in the classroom, while the post-performance workshops continue students’ participation in the play through drama activities encouraging peer interaction and collaborative creativity. Pre-production workshops are held in regular classrooms, are 10 to 15 minutes long, and occur 2-3 days before the performance.

Post-production workshops require space for students to move freely (a classroom cleared of desks, or a multi-purpose room), are 45-50 minutes in duration, and are best scheduled 2-3 days after the performance.

When students have this opportunity to deepen their engagement with a theatrical performance, they are better able to absorb the themes and concepts and to embody their own creative response.

The workshops have been an incredible success, deepening the students understanding of the story and its themes by exploring curriculum connections in meaningful ways that can be touched upon all year.


“The presentations engaged students in a way that created an enthusiasm for the play and pre-post activities. It is a great curriculum connected (lots of possibilities) experience for all. My class enjoyed the experience”. – Grade 1 Teacher

“The students were very engaged and interested in the workshop. The artists kept discussion happening with good questioning and engaged students with a combination of discussion, movement & activities. Was very interactive! Great job”! – Grade 6 Teacher

Frequently Asked Questions

How many classes can have workshops?

We can accomodate 4-5 classes for pre-show or post-show playlinks workshops.

Where do the workshops happen?

Playlinks workshops take place right in your classroom. If your class’s desks are not easily moveable, we may request a mid-sized room free from furniture so students can move around during workshop activities. 

Can I book multiple playlinks sessions so more classes can participate?

Absolutley you can! However, the second session of playlink may come at a cost as our funded spots are limited and we want to ensure as many schools as possible get the opportunity to participate in playlinks workshops. 

Can I combine multiple classes to participate in Playlinks?

Provided there are no more than 32 students in the workshop at once, and there is enough space in the room to freely move about, yes, classes could be combined. 

getting the most out of your performance

Playlinks Connects

Workshop activities aid in connecting curriculum matter to the subject
matter and themes explored in the play.

Playlinks inspires

Workshops inspire students with new creative tools to engage with and explore the world around them. 

Playlinks expands

Workshops expand on pre-show and post-show concepts included in the study guide to deepen student’s understanding and engagment levels. 

Playlinks encourages

Workshops encourage students to be courageous in trying new things and sharing ideas.