This Will Be Excellent
By Jordi Mand
Gr. 4- 8
Show Image Design by Shira Leuchter

The Crew
Director Erin Brubacher
Dramaturg Jessica Carmichael
Set & Costumes Designer Anahita Debonehie
DJ/ Sound Designer YouTube Video Choreographer  Fly Lady Di
Stage Manager Maureen Callaghan

The Cast
Daniel – Theo Gallaro
Izzy – Maddie Bautista
Linda (Daniel’s Mother) – Nicole Joy-Fraser
Ms. Arthur (School Principal) – Diana C. Reyes

Play Description
Daniel and Izzy  are struggling to complete grade six. Determined to ignore their situation, they daydream of meeting their favorite rapper, Arrow. After Daniel’s mother and their principal deliver ultimatums, the pair decide to hatch a plan to make their dream become a reality. They encounter hard realities in carving out their independence in the face of expected responsibilities as they tackle pre-adolescence.

Themes & Curriculum Connections: Leadership, Friendship, Responsibility, Philanthropy, Creativity, Music, Math, English Language.

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Production Costs $600 + HST

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