Touring Schools
January-February 2017

Written by Matt Mackenzie
Directed by Jessica Carmichael
Set, Costume & Prop Design by Jenna McCutchen
Sound Design by Verne Good

Elena Belyea as Tick
Sehar Bhojani as Dawn/Mom/J.K. Rowling
Simon Bracken as Rudeger/Mr. Emeline/Louis Riel
Philip Nozuka as Chelsea/Murray/Che Guevara

Stage Manager- Allan Teichman
Production Manager- Kate Leathers
Head of Wardrobe- Alexa Fraser
Scenic Painting- Melanie Macdonald
Voice Recording- Joe Lapinski

For ages 11-14

What can a girl do to stop city hall? Meet Tick. She’s convinced that her city’s cost saving measures amount to a war on adolescents. Closing arenas? Shutting down the wildlife park?  Now Tick’s local library is about to be closed. Forever. Tick decides to start a revolution against adults.  She needs support. Her Mom won’t help though, because her Mom’s new boyfriend supports the city. Tick’s three friends refuse to help because she’s become obsessed. Tick turns to the heroes she’s met in books: Louis Riel, Ché Guevara and J.K. Rowling. But will their advice coupled with Tick’s tenacity be too explosive to handle?

Activism. Family Conflict. Perseverance. Friendship. Literacy. Team & Community Building. Character Education.

PERFORMANCE FEE: Carousel Players performances are $600 +HST/ production; less than $2.50/ student!

For more details and to book a performance contact Lauren Hundert 905-682-8326 ext. 22 or email


Photos by Lauren Garbutt
Tick Trailer

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