The Power of Harriet T
by Michael Miller
Produced in association with Black Theatre Workshop
February, 2015

The Power of Harriet T is an inspiring story of early struggles against racism. The play is based on the story of Harriet Tubman, who fled slavery in Maryland in the 1850’s and risked her life to help slaves find safe haven in Canada via the underground railroad – a network of people who hid and guided slaves north to freedom. She was completely devoted to the idea that all people are created equal and put all her energy into the realization of this truth.

Cast and Creative Team:
Gordon Bolan – Musician
Alejandro Cespedes – Musician
Virgilia Griffith – Harriet
Thomas Morgan Jones – Director
Andrew Penner – Composer
Cherissa Richards – Harriet
Jessica Stinson – Stage Manager
Julia Tribe – Set and Costume Designer

Photos by Barsin Aghajan