The Incredible Speediness of Jamie Cavanaugh
by Chris Craddock
February -March, 2015

Jamie and Max are best friends – she’s a trouble magnet who thinks her ADHD is some kind of amazing super speed and he’s the smartest kid in his grade. When Jamie tries to help Max against a bully named Rock, she ends up creating more trouble for both of them. Jamie needs to slow down and listen, but how do you turn off a super power?

Cast and Creative Team:
Sean Baek – Rock, Jamie’s Dad and Max’s Dad
Darla Biccum – Jamie’s Mom, Jamie’s Teacher, Max’s Mom, Rock’s Mom, Hard Place
Kerry Ann Doherty – Director
Daniel Maslany – Max, Jamie’s Doctor, Jamie’s social worker
Melanie McNeill – Costume Designer
Elsa Pihl – Stage Manager
Michael Rinaldi – Sound Designer and Composer
Amelia Sargisson – Jamie Cavanaugh
Nigel Scott – Set and Lighting Designer

Photos by Barsin Aghajan