Water Under the Bridge
by Michaela Washburn and Carrie Costello
Presented by Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company
October, 2013

Sara and Waneek live on opposite sides of a river in 1812. They are from very different cultures and they are best friends. Once the war breaks out, Sara’s cousin Daniel decides that no one is allowed to cross the river any more, so he breaks the bridge. With the help of the audience, Sara and Waneek repair it and manage to convince Daniel that they do not have to fear people on the other side of the river.

Cast and Creative Team:
Daniel Pagett – Daniel
Sarah Booth – Waneek
Amy Keating – Sara
Nigel Scott – Set Designer
Jacqueline Costa – Assistant Designer
Meghan Speakman – Stage Manager
Pablo Felices-Luna – Director
Roberta Doylend – Costume Designer
Lyon Smith – Sound Designer

Photos by Barsin Aghajan