Dib and Dob and The Journey Home
by David S. Craig and Robert Morgan
March- May, 2014

Dib and Dob is the comic story of two brother and their adventure to find home. Dib and Dob have been lost so long that they only speak their own made-up language. As they journey through the forest, they camp overnight at the foot of a large mysterious tree. Little do they know that inside the tree is a monster that dislikes their constant clashes. The brothers work together to overcome the monster and learn something about home they did not know before. Dib and Dob is the winner of a Chalmers New Play Award and Dora Mavor Moore Award.

Cast and Creative Team:
Jolene Antle – Assistant Costume Designer
Jacqueline Costa – Puppeteer and Technician
Pablo Felices-Luna – Director
Karyn McCallum – Set and Costume Designer
Daniel Pagett – Dib
Rick Sacks- Sound Designer and Composer
Nigel Scott – Lighting Designer
Meghan Speakman – Stage Manager
Joshua Stodart – Dob

Photos by Barsin Aghajan