The Forest In My Room
by Thomas Morgan Jones
March- April, 2013

There are big changes in Ruby’s life: she has moved to a new city, left her favourite forest behind and started at a new school. Fortunately, her new friend Ella shares her passion for books, fantasy and unravelling mysteries. Ruby’s mother is not feeling well and won’t talk about it; Ruby only knows because she has been spying on her. The two girls hatch a plan that may get them into trouble, but they must uncover the truth.

Cast and Creative Team:
Jacqueline Costa – Lighting Designer
Pablo Felices-Luna – Director
Michael Greves – Set and Costume Designer
Amy Keating – Ruby
Alexis Koetting – Mamma
Karyn McCallum – Projections Designer
Sarah Miller – Stage Manager
Thomas Ryder Payne – Sound Designer
Amelia Sargisson – Ella

Photos by Barsin Aghajan