Carousel Players and professional designer and puppeteer Alexa Fraser bring you Carousel Players’ Giant Puppet Party, an outdoor, family friendly activity.

The first step – make your puppet!

Gather the materials listed below and follow the video tutorial to create your own fabulous Giant Puppet right at home. 

Next step – PARTY!

Join Carousel Players and our resident Giant Puppet, Nadine the Ondine, for the Giant Puppet Party!

What does a Giant Puppet Party entail? Music, dancing, laughter and more! Carousel Players’ Giant Puppet will lead everyone in song and dance, creating a community that is together, apart, and making art.

Puppet Making Materials
  • Newsprint (newspapers, flyers, other soft paper) – lots and lots
  • Cardboard – two large boxes worth
  • Craft paper – 3′ x 2′ piece
  • White school glue – one large bottle
  • 3 broomsticks or long poles
  • 1 large bedsheet or large pieces of fabric
  • Masking or painter’s tape
  • White acrylic paint
  • Colourful acrylic paint
  • Decorations

Tools: Scissors, stapler, paint brushes, sandpaper

Downlad Instructions HERE

Instructions en francaise ICI