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Working With Schools for Five Decades!

Carousel Players brings our plays into the schools where students spend much of their week, and provides resources to educators to support the creative learning experience.

We work to enhance the well-being and education of our youth through the presentation of inspiring, challenging, thoughtful and entertaining plays for children. Carousel Players provides support to educators that work to provide nurturing and imaginative school environments for their students. As part of the Champions of the Arts program, we celebrate educators who bring drama into their classroom to make a difference in their students’ learning experience.

Be part of Carousel’s work in schools!

Carousel Players’ Educational Advisory Committee is an opportunity for educators to get involved in the work that Carousel Players does. The Committee meets twice a year to advise Carousel staff and artists on curriculum connections, working with schools, topics of interest or importance in the education community, and the Champions of the Arts program.

Interested in taking part? Contact Mallory Daley at 905-682-8326 *22.