Thank You for Attending the Niagara Children’s Festival!

We are thrilled and grateful to everyone who joined us at the Niagara Children’s Festival. We can’t wait to see you again next year for more fun, theatrical performances, and unforgettable experiences!

Stay tuned for updates and exciting announcements about next year’s 2025 festival!


What is the Niagara Childrens’ Festival?

The Niagara Children’s Festival is an exciting explosion of creativity, offering live theatre, performances and arts-based activities for young audiences and their families. This NEW multi-day festival took place in three municipalities in the Niagara Region of Ontario for its first year:  Ridgeway, and Welland and St. Catharines on May 11, May 18, and May 19, 2024 and is scheduled to return in May 2025.  

The Niagara Children’s Festival extends Carousel Players’ commitment to inventive live performances with a weekend of activity where families throughout the Niagara region can engage with a multitude of cultural adventures designed especially for young people. Programming includes indoor and outdoor performances, paid and free programming, live music, interactive installations and opportunities for children to create things themselves.

Last Year’s Ticketed Theatre Programming

Lig and Bittle

Lig is very big, and Bittle is very Small, yet both long to fit in with everyone else. After finding out about  “Perfeckt Phitt”, the two venture forth on a wayward journey in hopes of solving all their problems.

May 11, 11am, The Stage @ Ridgway Sanctuary

May 18, 3:30pm, The Stage @ The Bank Art House

May 19, 3pm, MIW Theatre @ The Marilyn

Carousel Players
Ages 4+

Learning and Forgetting

Young Eva is a fan of learning new things, however, her beloved grandfather is not the same; he forgets. Watch as they find joy in the present, while also learning new lessons along the way.

May 18, 11am, MIW Theatre @ The Marilyn

May 18, 2pm, MIW Theatre @ The Marilyn

Presentation House Theatre
Ages 3+


When an unusual creature invades the clock young Cuckoo lives in, he finds himself roped into a wayward adventure! Through trials and tribulations of creativity, Cuckoo must find a way to fix his clock after it is disrupted.

May 19, 10am, MIW Theatre @ The Marilyn

May 19, 12pm, MIW Theatre @ The Marilyn

Graham Soul
Ages 4+


After Grey finds themself trapped inside of a jar with no memory of how they’d gotten there, Grey goes on a journey to a better future with magical pop-ups, puppetry, and interactive scenes.

May 18, 10am & 12pm, Studio B @ The Marilyn

May 19, 11am, Studio B @ The Marilyn

Indigo Moon Theatre
Ages 4+

Paper Playground

An immersive, stimulating, and creative performance that takes place on one, large, paper carpet. Follow performers as they engage their audience with drawings, dancing, projections, and music.

May 18,10am & 11:30am, The Stage @ The Bank Art House

May 19, 10:30am & 12:30pm, Studio C @ The Marilyn

Foolish Operations 
Ages 18 months to 4 years

Last Year’s FRee Community Events

Nature and Wellbeing Workshop

Discover the Nature and Wellbeing Workshop in the park, a sensory adventure full of surprises to awaken your senses and intuition! Reconnect with nature and have fun with us. Nancy Larivière, Perma culturist and Shamanu Earth Wisdom and Community Health facilitator, will guide you through a series of playful activities adapted to all ages. All presented in French, with the support of bilingual resources. Ready for an unforgettable experience?

All Ages 

Kite Making

Ages 2+ 

Music Initiation Workshop

Experiment with small percussion instruments and body percussion and explore pulse, tempo and rhythm. Then, through songs and dances, try out your fundamentals of music including notes, rhythm and style through an impromtu accompanied performance

Program is offered In FRENCH

Ages 4-8

Face Painting

Let your inner sparkle shine with fun and creative face painting by Happy Ducky Face Painting!

All Ages 

Flora & Fauna

Part Installation, part circus performance, and a full presentation of fun, Fauna and Flora provides audiences with an immersive and playful experience based in an outdoor landscape.

Femmes du Feu Creations 
Ages 2+

Author Readings

Enjoy engaging readings from local Niagara authors in English, presented by Brock University, and in French presented by La Maison de la Culture Francophone.

All Ages 

Ni Nagamoon

Indigenous artist Nicole-Joy Fraser shares a cycle of original hand drum songs. Audiences are encouraged to participate using shakers, drums, and their own voices

All Ages 

Story Walks

Individual pages of a storybook are mounted along a path, and families follow the narrative by visiting each stop in sequence. It is a delightful journey filled with surprises from beginning to end.

Dr. Kari-Lynn Winters, Brock University
All Ages


Dance through a sea of bubbles and make bubbles of all shapes and sizes.

Will you be the first to catch one without it popping? 

All Ages 

Pirate Mystery

Avast, all ye landlubbers! There be a pirate in need of aid! Your beloved Pirate Cap’n has lost the combination to his treasure chest, but can’t leave his ship to go find it! Can you go on a treasure hunt to retrieve all the pieces of the code? If you dare to embark on this perilous quest*, you’ll go on a journey that tests not only your senses and your creativity, but also your mettle! Good luck, me hearties! YARRRGH!!

The Pirate Mystery is a free, family-friendly event for kids from 2-10

**quest is not actually perilous. In fact, said quest is exciting, fun, and intuitive!

Ages 2+ 

Big Blanket Fort

What’s more fun than a big blanket fort? Climb inside this larger than life blanket installation for a moment of quiet, or some playtime away from the crowd.

All Ages 

Creation Station

Get creative with Ooga Monster and Carousel of Hope crafts & colouring!

Ages 2+ 

PK Hummingbird Steel Band

Dance along to the incredible music of this talented band!

All Ages 

Photo Booth #NiagaraChildrensFest

Say Cheese! Capture life-long memories at the Festival in our Festival Photo Booth!

All Ages 

Sidewalk Chalk

Get creative with sidewalk art!

18mo. +

We can’t wait to see you at the next Niagara Children’s Festival!