Frequently Asked Questions

School Shows

What grades are your plays suitable for?

Our plays are created with students ages 4-16 in mind. This year our shows are suitable for:

  • Ages 2 – 4 – Pop! Pop! (October & April/May)
  • Grades 1 to 3 – NiNagamoon (September)
  • ELKP (junior kindergarten) to Grade 5- Hare & Tortoise (April – May)
  • Grades 7 to 10 – Simone Half & Half (November)
Are there educational materials to support your productions?

Yes, Carousel Players works with educators to create study guides and classroom resources that correspond with each play. Students in Brock’s Faculty of Teacher Education program create age-appropriate activities for students that follow the Ontario Curriculum. This seasons’ resources can be found here.

How can I bring a Carousel Players production to my child’s school?

Parents play an important role in bringing Carousel plays to their child’s school. There is information on our shows and how to support performances in your child’s school here.

You can also contact our Sales Manager, Chelsea Mahon, at and 905-682-8326 *22 to learn more about booking school performances.

Other Programs

Do you perform plays for the general public or for non-school groups?

Yes, we do perform our plays for family and non-school group audiences during the school tour periods. The rest of the year, we bring family events to the community.

Each play is scheduled for one or more public performances in community venues. You can see upcoming performances listed on our box office page.

If you represent a home schools group, Guide or Scout troops, or another community organization interested in bringing a Carousel Players show to young people, please contact our Sales Manager, Chelsea Mahon, at and 905-682-8326 *22 to learn more about booking a performance.

Can Carousel Players perform at my event?

We are happy to partner with other organiztions to present our touring shows. Our performances are only available at specific times of the year, however, which can be found on each show’s page.

For the rest of the year, we have specific activities that are suitable for community events: the Dragon on the Hill, the Giant Puppet Party, and the Creation Station. These activities are available for a fee to organizations for their public events. Learn about our community events here.

We do not perform shows or provide activities for private events or parties.

Do you offer after school programs?

Yes, we offer After School Drama classes at our Arts Education Centre in St Catharines, at community centres, and at schools. You can learn more about this program on our Theatre School website at theatreschool.carouselplayers.com.

Do you offer acting lessons?

Carousel Players’ Theatre School offers drama education programs for ages 5 to 14 including

  • After School Drama (ages 6-11)
  • Saturday Drama (ages 7-12)
  • D&D Adventures (ages 10-13)
  • Early Years Drama (ages 2-4)
  • PD Day Camps (ages 5-10)
  • March Break Drama (ages 5-10)
  • Summer Theatre School (ages 5-14)

We create our programs to deliver the benefits of drama education in a way that is fun and supportive of our students’ development. Our programs prioritize encouraging students to expand their imagination and develop their unique voice while building self-confidence and empathy.

You can learn about all of our classes and camps at theatreschool.carouselplayers.com.

At The Performance

I’ve never been to the theatre before, what should I expect?

We’re really excited to be your first theatre experience. Here’s a few things to expect:

  • On the day of the performance, you can expect to see signs for Carousel Players at the location where the play is happening. Some may have arrows to help you find the room where the play is happening.
  • At the entrance to the theatre, you will be greeted by a Carousel Players staff person and also some volunteers.
  • These people will make sure you have a ticket, either by checking your name against our list if you ordered online or by selling you tickets right there. You can pay by cash, cheque, e-transfer, or tap.
  • Once your tickets are checked, you will be able to enter the theatre. There will be a staff or volunteer there to help you find a seat. You will see the play’s world (the set) in place, and different places to sit including chairs and foam mats. You can pick any seat you like!
  • As you wait for the play to start, you might want to look at the program which tells you who is in the show and who helped make it. This is available online and on paper. A volunteer to help you to get a program in the format you want.
  • When the play starts, a person from Carousel Players will walk onto the play’s world and welcome you and the rest of the audience. Then the actors will come on stage and play will happen. There will be singing and music, dancing and a story being told. You can interact with the performers when they ask – they may ask you to sing, make sounds, or act with them. We also love to hear audiences laugh, so feel free to do that lots!
  • There might be some loud noises during the show and at the end of the play, people in the audience will clap and maybe cheer to say thank you to the performers.
  • If you are attending a play at a Performing Arts Centre, there will be one additional element: lights. At the start of the play, the lights where you are sitting will get less bright and the lights on stage will get more bright. At the end of the play, the stage will get dim and the seating area will get bright. It will never be fully dark in the room.
  • If you need to leave the room during the play to use the bathroom or for another reason, you can. Please be careful of other people’s toes as you go! You can come back in when you are ready and go back to your seat.
  • If you have any questions at any time, please ask one of the Carousel Players staff and volunteers in the blue shirts. They are there to help you and make sure you enjoy your theatre experience.
Can we take pictures or recordings of the performance?

No, taking pictures and/or videos is not permitted during performances.

Do you admit latecomers?

Yes, we will wait for an appropriate break in the performance to admit you to the theatre.

Am I able to leave performances if required?

Yes, If you need to leave the room during the play to use the bathroom or for another reason, you can. Please be careful of other people’s toes as you go! You can come back in when you are ready to go back to your seat.

Performance Venue Information

Are performances accessible for wheelchairs or strollers?

Yes, we only book our performances into accessible venues.

Information on access to venues will be listed on the registration page so you know what to expect.

Is food and/or drink permitted in the theatre?

Yes, both food and drink are permitted in most venues, but we ask that you not bring food with common allergens (like peanuts) and clean up any trash before you leave. If a venue serves their own food, outside food or drink may not be permitted. 

Are there washroom facilities?

Yes, all the venues have washroom facilities.

Is there parking available?

Please check the venue information on the event or show registration page for specific parking details.

Tickets and PAsses

What are your ticket prices?

Ticket prices vary depending on performance, please check the specific performance page for more information. Most show tickets are $10 – $12+tax.

How do I purchase a show ticket?

Refer to the box office section of our website.

How will I receive tickets I've purchased online?

For single shows tickets, individuals who have purchased tickets will have their digital ticket (emailed to you) checked against a list at the door of performance.

What are your refund policies?

Tickets will be fully refunded for any event canceled by Carousel Players.

Tickets will be refunded if a guest cancels their order due to illness at any time before the start of the event, but may be subject to a small processing fee.

Tickets will be fully refunded if a guest cancels their order up to 24 hours before the event. If a guest cancels within 24 hours of the event, payment will be converted to a donation and a tax receipt will be issued.

Some tickets are non-refundable. Please check on the ticket details prior to purchasing for confirmation on that event’s policies. (i.e. fundraising tickets are non-refundable)

Audience Age

Is there a minimum age for children to attend the performance?

Yes, each production has a different audience age suggestion. Check the specific performance page for more information.

At what age can a young person attend a performance without supervision?

Children 12 and under require adult supervision.

Children 13+ are free to attend performances on their own, though we encourage families to experience shows together.

Carousel Players assumes no responsibility for children not accompanied by adults unless they are checked in with front of the house staff by an adult caregiver and picked up by the same adult at the end of the performance. If you choose to do this, we require that you provide two contact phone numbers (yours and an emergency contact) and show ID at both drop off and pick up to ensure the safety of the child.

At what age do you start charging for tickets (babes-in-arms policy)?

Children aged one year and up must have a ticket to attend a performance to ensure we are abiding by fire safety requirements.

If you need to leave the room during the play to tend to your little one, you can. Please be careful of other people’s toes as you go! You can come back in when you are ready and go back to your seat.

Covid-19 Protocols

Will performers wear masks?

Please be aware that our performers work unmasked and will be singing. Our staff and artists are required by our Covid-19 policies to be fully vaccinated and to complete screenings. There will be space left between the performance area and seating area.

Does my family need to wear masks?

Masking for audience members is not mandatory but are encouraged. Masks will be available at the venue for anyone who needs one.

We have chosen to continue to do this because our audiences include children too young to receive the protection of vaccination. We thank you for helping us to provide these young ones with the safest possible environment.