CRANKED by Michael P Northey

For audiences 13 & up, this hip-hop solo show addresses the topics of addiction and recovery and begins important conversations about the current opioid crisis.

Stan, a.k.a. “Definition” is a rising freestyle MC – or at least he was, until his life’s passion lost out to his meth habit. Now on the road to recovery and preparing for a come-back show, Stan confronts his demons and recounts his harrowing journey through the wild highs and deep lows of addiction. Using spoken word and hip hop, playwright Michael P. Northey and hip hop artists Kyprios and Stylust have created a pulse-pounding, full-sensory experience that deals in the brutal realities of addiction and drug culture, and the redemption that can lie in recovery.

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Community Tour

October 19 at 2pm – St Catharines

Silver Spire United Church, 366 St Paul St
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October 26 at 2pm – Welland

Welland Wellness Complex, 145 Lincoln St
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Performance Sponsors: Meridian Credit Union and the City of Welland’s Recreation and Culture Department

All performances free of charge thanks to support from

Niagara Region

Following a multi-year, international tour that included runs at The Duke Theatre on 42nd Street in New York City, and at the historic Sydney Opera House in Australia, this Green Thumb hit returns with updated content in light of the current fentanyl and opioid crises. As addiction weaves its way through communities across North America, this powerful piece is more timely than ever.

Reactions to CRANKED

“Praiseworthy” – New York Times
“Exceptional” – Toronto Star
“Exhumes the horrors of drug addiction without pandering or moralizing.” – Variety

“This was an excellent play. Speaking in our language, this performance really hit home to those of us who’ve experienced the damage of drugs first-hand, have had loved ones go through it, or to those who have never had or known anyone who’s gone through it. Whoever you are, CRANKED is definitely worth your time to see.” – Anonymous Student, British Columbia

“This is by far one of the most powerful and compelling anti-drug messages I have seen in many years of working with high school-aged students.” – Drug and Alcohol Task Force, Clearwater Secondary

“This play was really good! Putting it into hip-hop was cool because I was listening and not just hearing it like I have done in the past when a 45-year-old lady comes in and talks for 45 minutes about drugs and everyone passes out. Not here! I give this play 11/10 it was that great.” Shay,
Centennial School

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CRANKED is touring Niagara Secondary Schools from October 15 to 25, 2019.

The performance is suitable for grades 7 – 12, and will be supported by staff and resources from Niagara’s addiction and recovery service providers: Positive Living Niagara and Community Addiction Services of Niagara.

All performances are offered free of charge thanks to the support of the Niagara Region’s Niagara Investment in Culture program.

Bring CRANKED to Your High School

Each booking includes information resources from our community partner organizations and a post-show Q&A with the performers and an addiction services expert.

Contact Carousel Player to reserve a performance during or after school by emailing

Directed by: Patrick McDonald. Featuring: Graeme McComb as Stan
Playwright: Michael P. Northey; Music & Lyrics by: Kyprios & Stylust; DJ: Stephanie Wong;
Set Designer: Justus Hayes; Stage Manager: Ruth Bruhn

The 2019 tour of CRANKED is supported by: