Employment Opportunities

Artist Educator Job Posting (Ongoing)

Carousel Players’ Theatre School is expanding its roster of Artist Educators and is seeking applications from Niagara-based theatre artists and educators to teach classes and lead camps for students ages 2 to 14.

What is the job?

Artist Educators are self-employed contract workers who report to the Education Coordinator and are responsible for:

  • planning educational drama classes and/or camps based on Carousel Players curriculum guidelines
  • delivering educational drama classes and/or camps to children ages 2-14 in various locations in the Niagara Region
  • providing feedback to the Education Coordinator on program delivery and curriculum

Where does Theatre School take place?

All Theatre School programs are offered in person.

  • Several of our classes and all of our summer programs take place at the Carousel Players Arts Education Centre in downtown St Catharines.
  • Also in St Catharines, we offer After School classes at Russell Ave. Community Centre and March Break Camp at Elm St United Church.
  • Outside St Catharines, we offer programs at MacBain Community Centre (Niagara Falls), Meridian Communiyt Centre (Fonthill), and partner with elementary schools in Niagara to offer classes in other municipalities, which vary each term.

When does it happen and what does it pay?

The timing and duration of employment for Artist Educators varies based on the program(s) they are contracted to teach. Carousel Players runs three terms of classes during the school year and camps during school breaks. Educators are expected to be available to teach all classes in the program(s) they are contracted for. The Educator Coordinator will assign programs to Artist Educators based on experience and availability.

The instructor fees paid vary depending on the program(s) being taught and range from $200 for a full-day PD Day Camp to $600 for an eight week program of ninety minute classes. Details of program time commitments and compensation can be found in the Artist Educator Job Description.

Who should apply?
A candidate for the Artist Educator position should bring the following to the position:

  • A love of theatre
  • 1+ years of training and/or experience in drama and theatre practices
  • 1+ years of experience working with children in one or more of Carousel Players age ranges (see job description)
  • Spoken English proficiency sufficient to lead classroom lessons

Carousel Players’ Theatre School is committed to non-discriminatory hiring practices to ensure equitable access to our creative spaces for artist educators and students of diverse backgrounds and abilities. We strongly encourage members of IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, Persons of Colour) communities to apply for this position.

Anything else I should know?

Artist Educators are required to follow the Carousel Players’ employment, arts education, and health & safety policies, available here: https://carouselplayers.com/about-carousel-players/policies 

This position involves working with minors, so the candidates selected to teach programs will be required to provide a Vulnerable Sector Check completed in the past year as a condition of employment. If you do not have a current VSC, Carousel Players will cover the cost of completing this check.
See the full Artist Educator Job Description here.

How do I apply?
Please send your resume and a cover letter explaining your interest in the role to Education Coordinator Mike Metz at

This posting is ongoing. Once an application has been received, the Education Coordinator will contact the applicant to schedule an interview either virtually or in person.

If you have any questions about this position, posting, or Carousel Players, please email Annie Slade, General Manager at .

Our Commitment to Access and Equity

Carousel Players believes that it is the company’s responsibility to provide creative spaces where everyone feels supported in bringing their full, authentic selves to the work.

We are committed to non-discriminatory casting and hiring practices to ensure equitable access to our creative spaces for artists, staff, and volunteers of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

More information on our ongoinging work in equity, inclusion, and access is available in our policies here.

Follow us on social media @carouselplayers for updates on job postings and auditions.


Carousel Players holds General Auditions once a year. Auditions are by appointment only. Only successful applicants will be contacted to schedule an audition time.

Have now concluded. Check this space for future opportunities

Auditions for specific plays and workshops are scheduled as needed by the Artistic Director.

We accept expressions of interest in auditioning year round. Performers are invited to submit a letter of interest, a headshot, and a resume that includes a current phone number and email address by emailing

Carousel Players is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres and engages professional artists under the terms of the Canadian Theatre Agreement. CAEA members will be seen first at all open audition calls. CAEA members: please bring your membership card to the audition.

Performers who are passionate about Theatre for Young Audiences are enthusiastically encouraged to apply to Carousel Players for our 2024 General Auditions. 

Carousel Players is committed to telling stories that are inclusive, reflecting the multitude of diverse voices that make up our community, and we welcome applications from artists of all backgrounds.

Artists who apply will be considered for casting in future projects, including Carousel Players’ ongoing new play development work. Those selected for an audition time will be contacted.

Please note that Carousel Players’ work is primarily school touring productions, and that all performers are also responsible for loading and unloading the sets, and setting up/striking at each performance location.

What to submit

Please send the following to :

  • A resume outlining your work in theatre
  • A headshot photo
  • A short letter of interest telling us why you want to work with Carousel Players
  • In your letter, please outline your experience in theatre for young audiences and/or working with children, and any vocal and movement experience. If you play any instruments or have a special skill, please let us know as well

Please send submissions to:

No agent packages please.

Those selected for an audition time will be contacted and asked to prepare

  • one contemporary Canadian monologue
  • a short song or a single verse of a song and/or any special skill you would like to share, such as: puppeteering, acrobatics, dance, a joke, a physical comedy bit, or something else that you’re awesome at

Carousel Players is a member of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres and engages professional artists under the terms of the Canadian Theatre Agreement. CAEA members will be seen first at all open audition calls.

CAEA members: please identify yourself as a member in your letter of interest or on your resume.


Carousel Players works with professional set, costume, and sound designers on all our productions. If you are interested in working with us, please send a cover letter, CV, and portfolio to  

Stage Managers

Carousel Players works with CAEA Stage Managers on all our productions. Our Stage Managers drive the company truck and participate in the load-in, strike, and pack of the set in addition to all the more usual stage management duties. They also get a lot of enthusiastic greetings and excited questions from the students in the schools where we tour. If you are interested in stage managing a tour for Carousel Players, please send a cover letter and resume to  

Mentorship Opportunities

Artistic Leadership & Creative Management Internships

Carousel Players is interested in working with artists and arts workers who wish to pursue a career in Theatre for Young Audiences. Our preference is to create a personalized learning and development plan in collaboration with the artists and arts workers.

We are happy to work with you on applications to the following programs that support internships in Artistic Direction, Artistic Producing, and General Management:

If you are interested discussing an internship, please contact our Artistic Director at and/or our General Manager at .

Post-Secondary academic Internships / Co-op
High School Co-op Positions

Carousel Players is committed to mentoring emerging and aspiring artists. We believe in providing practical work experience, skills development, and guidance in working in the arts (performing and otherwise).

We work with college and university for-credit Internship and Co-op Programs, as well as DSBN and Niagara Catholic for-credit co-op placement programs. Students can choose to work with our artistic production staff, our administrative staff, our education staff, or a mix of all three.

Applied learning opportunities include graphic design, scenic painting and construction, props construction, stage management (certain terms only), community outreach, public relations, arts education, event producing, and many other areas.

Carousel Players is open to working with students to seek funding for such positions. Interested students should be aware that this type of funding can take up to six months to be approved and they should contact us at least two terms in advance of their planned internship or co-op period.

If you are interested in pursuing an internship, a co-op, or an applied learning course with Carousel Players, please send a letter of interest and a resume to General Manager Annie Slade at or call 905-682-8326 *23.

Need help writing a cover letter and resume for your application?

new play development

Carousel Players contributes to new play development of theatre for young audiences, providing dramaturgical support for playwrights and workshop opportunities at every stage of the development process. Carousel produces world premieres of new scripts by Canadian playwrights, and tours those productions regionally, provincially and nationally, assisting in disseminating new works.

We involve designers early in the process through pre-production workshops to allow for conception and realization of designs. These concepts and designs are then integrated with the script through the development process. This fosters collaboration with creative professionals and honours the work of all artists, technicians, and production staff who collaboratively work on a piece.

Playwrights interested in working with Carousel Players on their work for young audiences ages 4 to 14 are encouraged to send a copy of their script and a letter of introduction to  The Artistic Director will review these submissions. Please be aware that responses to submissions may be delayed due to the demands of the production cycle.

playwright in residence

Are you interested in becoming a Playwright in Residence? Carousel Players has been home to a number of playwrights interested in developing new works for young audiences. 

Support is available through the Canada Council for the Arts’ Explore and Create program.

Plays Workshopped at Carousel Players between 2007 and 2022

* = produced and toured by Carousel Players

A Forest in My Room [playwright: Thomas Morgan Jones]*
Boom [playwright: Julie Salverson]
Boys, Girls, and Other Mythological Creatures [playwright: Mark Crawford]*
Fare Play [playwright: Yvette Nolan]
Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin [playwright: Jessica Carmichael]*
Here to Hear [playwrights: Linda A. Carson & Cathy Nosaty]*
Huinca [playwright: Marilo Nunez]
Lost and Found [playwright: Cole Lewis]
Meet Chloe [playwright: Cameron Grant]*
Mouse in my House [playwright:  Carrie Costello]*
Nithy and the Unsolvable Case [playwrights: Matthew Gorman & Arlin Dixon]
Peg & the Yeti [playwright: Monica Dufault]*
Pop! Pop! [co-creators: Linda A Carson & Monica Dufault]*
Rez Road [playwright: Falen Johnson]
Saving Lonesome George [playwright: Gail Bowen]*
Spelling 2-5-5 [playwright: Jennifer Overton]*
The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito [playwright: Tomson Highway]*
The Incredible Speediness of Jamie Cavanaugh [playwright: Chris Craddock]*
The Power of Harriet T! [playwright: Michael Miller]*
The Remarkable Flight of Marnie McPhee [playwright: Daniel Karasik]*
This Will Be Excellent [playwright: Jordi Mand]*
Tick [playwright: Matthew Mackenzie]*
Velveteen Rabbit [playwrights: Jocelyn Adema, Lena Maripuu, Reanne Spitzer & Annie Tuma]*
Virginia Wolf [playwrights: Cole Lewis & Clelia Scala]
Water Under the Bridge [playwrights: Michaela Washburn & Carrie Costello]*
Water Wonder [playwright: Cheryl McNamara]*
What Katy Did [playwright: Kate Hewlett]
What’s So Funny? [co-creators: Jean-Marie Alexandre & Monica Dufault]*
Whole World [playwright: Sean Dixon]*

Recommender Grants for Theatre

a program of the Ontario Arts Council

The Recommender Grant (formerly known as the Theatre Creators’ Reserve) is a grant to support the development of theatre works by Ontario artists.

Carousel Players is a Recommender in the area of Theatre for Young Audiences and reviews submissions annually.

This years’ deadline is December 1, 2024, 1 p.m. ET

Your submission should include a C.V. and Script Sample. Artists interested in applying should visit the Program Webpage and make an application through the NOVA portal, noting Carousel Players as their recommender of choice.