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Staff Directory

Monica Dufault
Artistic Director
905-682-8326 *24

Kate Leathers
General Manager
905-682-8326 *23

Mallory Daley
Tour & Outreach Manager
905-682-8326 *22

Ryan Mahon
Associate Production Manager
905-682-8326 *25

Whitney Braybrook-Byl
Associate Production Manager
905-682-8326 *26

Elizabeth Pereira
Arts Education Coordinator
905-682-8326 *27

Here’s the best ways to reach our offices and Arts Education Centre.

We are located in the buildings attached to Silver Spire United Church at 366 St Paul Street, but the best entrance to reach Carousel Players is at the rear of the building off of Head Street.

Travelling by transit – catch a bus to the Carlisle St Terminal, and then walk to St Paul St (one block south).

Travelling by car – drive to St Paul Street between Geneva and Carlisle.

Once you’re on St Paul Street

  • Turn onto Bond St.
  • Travel one block and then turn left onto Head Street.
  • If you are driving, you may park in the Silver Spire lot at the Head/Bond corner.
  • Look for the red brick building with the big Carousel Players banner – that’s where you’re heading.
  • There are stairs and a ramp that both lead to a concrete path. Follow this path along the garden to the glass door. This is the building’s administration entrance.
  • If the door is locked (it is usually locked in the afternoon), use the Carousel Players doorbell to your left or call up to the person you’re visiting.
  • Once you’re inside, Carousel’s offices are on the second floor and the Arts Education Centre is on the third floor. There are both an elevator and stairs. Follow the signs to your destination.
If you are not comfortable ENTERING a church-affiliated building, please let us know so we can make arrangements to meet elsewhere.

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