Meet Our Educators

Lindsay Detta

Lindsay is very excited to be an Artist Educator with Carousel Players. She is currently in the Teacher Education program at Brock University, after studying Drama in Education through their Concurrent Education program. Previously, Lindsay studied performance at Fanshawe College and worked as an actor in Children’s Theatre and Historical Theatre in Ontario and British Columbia. Lindsay has been educating with Carousel Players for 4 years. She has also worked as a drama instructor for Ridley College’s summer programs and is currently working as a teacher and researcher at a local Forest School. She is very passionate about play-based models of education as a means for children to explore their curiosities in fun creative ways.


Nicola Franco

Nicola graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Dramatic Arts: Concentration in Performance from Brock University. She is an actor, singer, and educator currently working towards her teaching degree. She has had the pleasure of working with Carousel Players as both a performer and an Artist Educator for over 3 years, and is looking forward to continuing her involvement in the local theatre community.


Amber Hussey

Amber Hussey (she/her) is a recent Master of Education graduate. Her focus during this time was on inclusive drama classrooms and theatre performances.  She previously graduated from the Concurrent Education program at Brock University with a focus on drama in education.  

Her passion for drama has led her to many ventures including volunteering at the World Festival of Children’s Theatre and the Council of Ontario Drama and Dance Educators Conference. These opportunities have strengthened her love of drama and student learning. It is her hope to share her passion for drama with her students and demonstrate that drama truly is for everyone.


Mike Metz

Mike has been working for Carousel Players for three years now as coordinator for Summer Theatre School and as an Artist Educator. However, as a dungeon exploring, dragon slaying D&D player, Mike has over 7 years of experience!

When Mike is not spending his time in mystical, made-up lands pretending to be someone else, he is focusing on teaching or working on his Masters in Curriculum Studies at the University of Toronto. Mike also holds a Drama degree and a Bachelor’s of Education degree from Brock University. 


Louisa o’keane

Louisa O’Keane is a performer, educator, choreographer and a graduate of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. She was a long time cast member of The Oh Canada Eh! Dinner Theatre and has been teaching music, drama and dance for over ten years. Her teaching journey began in 2007 at The Arts Connection in Richmond, B.C.  Since her return to Ontario Louisa has worked with Future Steps Burlington teaching Ballroom and Latin Dance within the Halton and Peel School Boards, Little Rebels Music and Development Classes (for babies, toddlers and their caregivers), The Music Depot, Grimsby’s Fun School of Music, City of Pelham Summer camps, Stagecoach Performing Arts School and of course the incredible Carousel Players!

She loves taking on new challenges such as voice over work, film and television, writing Children’s music and producing concerts and cabarets.



Allison Pressnail

Allison holds a Bachelors of Education and a Bachelors of Arts in Dramatic Arts from Brock University. Allison has experience in arts education practices for over 5 years, working previously as the Music Arts Dance and Drama Program Coordinator for Cairn Family of Camps. Allison has a long history and love for drama and is excited to bring more drama into young people’s lives. 


Parent Feedback

My son has had more interest in trying new things that he wasn’t willing to try previously. He has definitely become more social and has gained friends through this program.

When he was feeling sad he said he felt “heavy” and acted out the emotion.

My son loved the program and was very excited every day that he had it.

Get to understand teacher’s talk, and start to communicate with others in English.

Both my daughters used to wait eagerly for the program day which showed they found it interesting. It helped them to learn time management as the program was just after school and I had to drive them. Both were always excited and energetic to join the session. I found them more confident and more proactive at home.

He is not shy anymore and is now outgoing.

She looked forward to it each and every week!