D&D Adventures

Winter 2022 Campaign

6 Week In Person Campaign
for all experience levels!

Tuesdays January 11 to February 15

from 4:30-7:30pm at Phoenix Rising Games
Fee: $150 (payment plans available)

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When you submit your registration, you'll receive a welcome email from the Education Coordinator. We will also send an invoice for your child's (or children's) fees, which can be paid in installments or a single payment.

Calling All Heroes!

Brave adventures from ages 10-14 will be transported to a fantastical land where they will create heroic characters, form an adventure party, and level up as they defend good from evil!

Our resident Dungeon Masters run these unique role-playing opportunities in person or over Zoom for campaigns ranging from 6 to 12 weeks.

The registration fee includes a personal supplies kit, which will include a full set of D&D dice, character sheet, and more!

For online campaigns, access to a laptop/Chromebook or a tablet and a secondary device are required for use of Roll20 and Zoom/Google Meets.

Upcoming D&D Adventures

April – May 2021
6 Week In Person Campaign
6 Week Virtual Campaign

Meet Your Arts Educators / Dungeon Masters

Michael Metz

Mike has been working for Carousel Players for three years now as coordinator for Summer Theatre School and as an Artist Educator. However, as a dungeon exploring, dragon slaying D&D player, Mike has over 7 years of experience!

When Mike is not spending his time in mystical, made-up lands pretending to be someone else, he is focusing on teaching or working on his Masters in Curriculum Studies at the University of Toronto. Mike also holds a Drama degree and a Bachelor’s of Education degree from Brock University. 

Kyle Warne

Kyle is a Toronto Improvisor with 6 years experience performing and teaching Improv Comedy.  Having been a Summer Camp Youth Leader and campus theatre regular in his time at the University of  Toronto, and having been creating and running DnD adventures since he was in high school, Kyle brings experience and enthusiasm for collaborative educational storytelling to the Carousel Players D&D Programs.