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Games & Crafts

I-Spy Game

Mary Jane Mosquito is hiding among the clues. Can you find her here, and these other things too?

Green Gumby and Friends

I spy three fuzzy pompoms and a pirate’s cap; a pink-haired person and a treasure map; a green caterpillar who is reading a book; a guitar, some flames and a “cool shades” look.

Circle Game

I spy five golden coins, a barn and a bee; some carousel horses – count one, two and three; three flowers small, and three flowers big; green jewels, a beetle, and a pitchfork to dig.

Bonus: A tiny Mary Jane is in this picture too. Can you find her playing peek-a-boo?

Tea Time

I spy an elephant, a napkin, and two green frogs; three yellow flowers and two rabbit mugs; a dragonfly, a golden ball, a flower-filled cup; the smallest silver teapot and a spoon that’s standing up.

Grandma's Jewelry

I spy a fish, two flags, and a silvery heart; a gold chain holding two flowers apart; a wooden sailboat, an axe and a key; a clock and a leaf from a maple tree.

Pink and White House

I spy three penguins, two books and a tiny clock; an old fashioned car, and a horse that can rock; a teapot, a cup and a red-shirted bear; a globe of the world and a rocking chair.

So Many Stuffies!

I spy a turtle, a peacock, and three green frogs; a little pink hippo and two pug dogs; a pink stripey tiger, a snowman with a hat; a blue elephant and big gray cat.

On the Red Carpet

I spy three chickens, an owl, a singing bird; a bunny, a seahorse, a happy word; a tractor, a horn, a silver teapot; a butterfly, earring, and a lizard with spots.

Playmobil Squares

I spy a kitten, a horse, and a guinea pig; three bikes, and an elephant (not too big); a cow, and some sheep and a soccer ball; a bird, a cake, and a zebra so tall.

Office Supplies

I spy a smiling cat, glue, and three paper clips; a Carousel ruler and scissors’ sharp tips; two brushes for painting and some yellow string; two googly eyes, and a silvery ring.

ASSITEJ TYA Directors’ Exchange

Carousel’s Artistic Director, Monica Dufault, was selected to attend the TYA Directors Exchange in Berlin at the beginning of June 2019. She was thrilled to be the only person representing Canada as one of 30 theatre directors from all over the world. Here’s what she had to say about this unique experience: 

The structure of the Exchange was very open. Each day began with a warmup led by one of the participants. Often these were held in the open air and provided further insight into the working methods of theatre makers around the world.

One memorable part of the workshop time was a session on object theatre, led collaboratively by Choiti Ghosh from India, and Nwabisa Plaatjie from South Africa. They led us through an exploration of paper as an object of theatrical expression, leading to moments of intriguing stage images created by the participants. This approach to the use of objects in theatre was new to me and a fascinating way of working; definitely something I plan to explore further in my own work.

After the Directors in TYA Exchange concluded, I continued my travels, visiting Germany’s largest theatre for young audiences, Theater Junge Generation in Dresden. I also went to the Czech Republic to attend the Prague Quadrennial, an international exhibition of scenic design and performance.

I’m glad to be back in Niagara, working on our plans for next season, but I am inspired by the new ideas and people that I encountered during my time in Europe!