Music Makers

Music Makers will be working with an educator from the Niagara Symphony Orchestra to create sound effects, compose their own music, and bring the play to life with their accompaniment! Students will work with the Drama Makers to create the play by collaborating as a group through dramatic exercises and musical exploration, and they will present the play at the end of the day to family and friends. This music-focused part of the camp will bring out students’ inner creativity in percussion and creative engagement.

Drama Makers

Drama Makers will be working with an educator from Carousel Players who will encourage participants to strengthen their improvisational skills and acting skills as they create and perform in a play. They will partner with the Music Makers in dramatic exercises and musical exploration to write scenes, develop characters, and present the play at the end of the day to family and friends. This drama-focused part of the camp will bring out students’ inner creativity in dramatic performance and creative engagement.

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Carousel Players is excited to announce a new “Play Makers| PD Day Camp in partnership with the Niagara Symphony Orchestra!

This November 15th campers in Grades 4-6 will get to make a play in a day and choose whether they want to participate as “Music Makers” or “Drama Makers.” Both Music Makers and Drama Makers will be guided through games and activities that will develop their individual skills, but also give them the chance to make new friends and collaborate with an ensemble to create a final performance. Our goal is to foster children’s love of creativity in a safe and supportive environment, with expert artistic leadership from both Carousel Players and Niagara Symphony Orchestra educators.

Carousel Players and the Niagara Symphony Orchestra invite you and your children to sign up for a fun arts-filled day at our “Play Makers” camp for only $40. See you on stage!

Yes, when registering your child they will need to choose either Music Maker or Drama Maker. However, all of the campers will participate in dramatic and musical exploration to create the final performance.

No, the Music Makers do not need to know how to play an instrument because they will be exploring composition and accompaniment through percussion instruments.

No, we do not provide snacks or lunches.

Please pack your child a nut-free lunch and snacks as needed.

The camp is a nut-free environment and there is always at least one adult certified in first aid on site at all times.

The building is not guareenteed to be nut free, as it is a school facility. If allergies, nuts or otherwise, are a concern let us know and we will do our best to make arrangements to create a safe environment.

Yes, we welcome two volunteers aged 14 and up as assistants. Volunteers may apply by emailing and will be asked to complete an interview.

Volunteering at our PD Day Camp counts towards Community Involvement hours. Please bring the appropriate forms if you wish to apply these hours towards the program.

At Carousel Players and the NSO, creating safe spaces for our employees, campers, and families is a priority. We implement a general health and safety plan that includes emergency exits, a fire safety plan, what to do in case of an accident, and how to respect allergies in our facility. We also have at least one staff member trained in first aid on site at all times.

The age groups are arranged so that the children are at similar stages of social development. We don’t want anyone to feel too old or too young – they’re there to learn and have fun. If you would like to be contacted regarding any change to enrollment eligibility, please contact Elizabeth at

The Play Makers Camp was brought to you in partnership with the Niagara Symphony Orchestra.