Employment & Internship Opportunities

Post-Secondary Interships &
High School Coop Positions

Carousel Players is committed to mentoring emerging and aspiring artists. We believe in providing practical work experience, skills development, and guidance in working in the arts (performing and otherwise).

We work with several college and university Intership Programs, as well as DSBN and Niagara Catholic Co-op placement programs. Students can choose to work with our artistic production staff, our administrative staff, our education staff, or a mix of all three. Applied learning opportunities include graphic design, scenic painting and construction, props construction, stage management (certain terms only), community outreach, public relations, arts education, event producing, and many other areas.

If you are interested in pursuing an internship, a co-op placement, or an applied learning course with Carousel Players, please contact General Manager Kate Leathers at 905-682-8326 *23.

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Artistic Leadership &
Creative Management Interships

Carousel Players is interested in working with artists and arts workers who wish to pursue a career in Theatre for Young Audiences. Our preference is to create a personalized learning and development plan in collaboration with the artists and arts workers, so we would be happy to work on applications to the following programs that support internships in Artistic Direction, Artistic Producing, and General Management:

OAC – Chalmers Professional Development Projects

OAC – Compass Arts Management Internships

OAC – Skills and Career Development: Indigenous Arts Professionals and Arts Professionals of Colour

Metcalf Foundation – Performing Arts Interships

Canada Council for the Arts – Professional Development for Artists

Canada Council for the Arts – Professional Development for Arts Professionals

If you are interested discussing an internship, please contact our Artistic Director at  and/or our General Manager at