New Play Development

Carousel Players contributes to new play development of theatre for young audiences, providing dramaturgical support for playwrights and workshop opportunities at every stage of the development process. Carousel produces world premieres of new scripts by Canadian playwrights, and tours those productions regionally, provincially and nationally, assisting in disseminating new works.

We involve designers early in the process through pre-production workshops to allow for conception and realization of designs. These concepts and designs are then integrated with the script through the development process. This fosters collaboration with creative professionals and honours the work of all artists, technicians, and production staff who collaboratively work on a piece.

Playwrights interested in working with Carousel Players on their work for young audiences ages 4 to 14 are encouraged to send a copy of their script and a letter of introduction to  The Artistic Director will review these submissions. Please be aware that responses to submissions may be delayed due to the demands of the production cycle.

Plays Workshopped at Carousel Players between 2007 and 2021

* = produced and toured by Carousel Players

A Forest in My Room [playwright: Thomas Morgan Jones]*
Boom [playwright: Julie Salverson]
Boys, Girls, and Other Mythological Creatures [playwright: Mark Crawford]*
Fare Play [playwright: Yvette Nolan]
Hana Hashimoto, Sixth Violin [playwright: Jessica Carmichael]*
Here to Hear [playwrights: Linda A. Carson & Cathy Nosaty]*
Lost and Found [playwright: Cole Lewis]
Mapu [playwright: Marilo Nunez]
Meet Chloe [playwright: Cameron Grant]
Mouse in my House [playwright:  Carrie Costello]*
Nithy and the Unsolvable Case [playwrights: Matthew Gorman & Arlin Dixon]
Peg & the Yeti [playwright: Monica Dufault]*
Pop! Pop! [playwrights: Linda Carson & Monica Dufault]
Rez Road [playwright: Falen Johnson]
Saving Lonesome George [playwright: Gail Bowen]*
Spelling 2-5-5 [playwright: Jennifer Overton]*
The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito [playwright: Tomson Highway]*
The Incredible Speediness of Jamie Cavanaugh [playwright: Chris Craddock]*
The Power of Harriet T! [playwright: Michael Miller]*
The Remarkable Flight of Marnie McPhee [playwright: Daniel Karasik]*
This Will Be Excellent [playwright: Jordi Mand]*
Tick [playwright: Matthew Mackenzie]*
Velveteen Rabbit [playwrights: Jocelyn Adema, Lena Maripuu, Reanne Spitzer & Annie Tuma]
Virginia Wolf [playwrights: Cole Lewis & Clelia Scala]
Water Under the Bridge [playwrights: Michaela Washburn & Carrie Costello]*
Water Wonder [playwright: Cheryl McNamara]*
What Katy Did [playwright: Kate Hewlett]
Whole World [playwright: Sean Dixon]*