I-Spy Game

Mary Jane Mosquito is hiding among the clues. Can you find her here, and these other things too?

Green Gumby and Friends

I spy three fuzzy pompoms and a pirate’s cap; a pink-haired person and a treasure map; a green caterpillar who is reading a book; a guitar, some flames and a “cool shades” look.

Circle Game

I spy five golden coins, a barn and a bee; some carousel horses – count one, two and three; three flowers small, and three flowers big; green jewels, a beetle, and a pitchfork to dig.

Bonus: A tiny Mary Jane is in this picture too. Can you find her playing peek-a-boo?

Tea Time

I spy an elephant, a napkin, and two green frogs; three yellow flowers and two rabbit mugs; a dragonfly, a golden ball, a flower-filled cup; the smallest silver teapot and a spoon that’s standing up.

Grandma's Jewelry

I spy a fish, two flags, and a silvery heart; a gold chain holding two flowers apart; a wooden sailboat, an axe and a key; a clock and a leaf from a maple tree.

Pink and White House

I spy three penguins, two books and a tiny clock; an old fashioned car, and a horse that can rock; a teapot, a cup and a red-shirted bear; a globe of the world and a rocking chair.

So Many Stuffies!

I spy a turtle, a peacock, and three green frogs; a little pink hippo and two pug dogs; a pink stripey tiger, a snowman with a hat; a blue elephant and big gray cat.

On the Red Carpet

I spy three chickens, an owl, a singing bird; a bunny, a seahorse, a happy word; a tractor, a horn, a silver teapot; a butterfly, earring, and a lizard with spots.

Playmobil Squares

I spy a kitten, a horse, and a guinea pig; three bikes, and an elephant (not too big); a cow, and some sheep and a soccer ball; a bird, a cake, and a zebra so tall.

Office Supplies

I spy a smiling cat, glue, and three paper clips; a Carousel ruler and scissors’ sharp tips; two brushes for painting and some yellow string; two googly eyes, and a silvery ring.