Share your carousel players stories

Theatre You Never Outgrow!

Carousel Players is preparing for our 50th Anniversary coming up in 2022. If you have a particular moment, story, or even a sentiment that comes to mind when you think of your time working with Carousel Players, we would love to hear it!

The hope for May 2022, is to have a large collection of stories from different artists who have worked for Carousel Players, in all different capacities, over the decades. At the 50th Anniversary celebration we will share some of these stories, and also plan to have some published in a 50th Anniversary book.

If you are feeling up to it, a video recording of you sharing a story/memory/sentiment, that could be shown at the celebration, would be wonderful. We are also eager to find photos of years past, and would welcome any images that you would like to share. 

You can share your video, written story, and photos through the submission form on this page. We’re so looking forward to hearing what you have to share!

Here are some questions that might help spark some memories. Feel free to respond to one or more of these, or just share whatever you like:

– At what point in your career did you work for Carousel Players? What brought you there, and where did it lead you?

– What did Theatre for Young Audiences teach you about yourself?

– What did you learn from School touring and/or performing for Children that you still use or reflect on today?

-What do you remember about the unique experience of performing in a gym?

– How did you and your colleagues pass the time during the long drives in the Carousel van?

– Do you have a special memory of a moment with an audience member?

– Do you have a special memory of a moment with another company member? 

– What made your time with Carousel Players meaningful to you?

– Is there a Carousel production that you have worked on that stands out in your memory? Why?

– Did you make connections during your time at Carousel Players that have lasted to this day?

thank you for sharing your Carousel Players Memories!

In appreciation of your stories, each month from August 2021 through March 2022 Carousel Players will gift 2 Family Passes to our Anniverasry Festival to a randomly selected storyteller who shared their memories that month

The person gifted the passes will be chosen using the randomizer wheelofnames.com.