Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where can I learn more about the plays?

Read about our current season’s shows HERE

Learn about our past productions HERE

Come talk to us at events in the Niagara Community

What ages are your plays made for?

Our plays are created with elementary school students in mind, with more specific ages during specific times of the year. Generally our winter tour  is for grades 4-6 or grades 7-8, and the spring tour is for JK to 3.

Age and grade ranges can be found on each show’s page.

Are your plays connected to the curriculum?

Every show is evaluated by our Educational Advisory committee to determine the curriculum connections in the play. These are listed on the show pages.

Carousel Players works with Brock University’s Faculty of Teacher Education to create study guides that correspond with each play. Students in the Teacher Education program create age-appropriate activities for students that follow the Ontario Curriculum. Study guides can be downloaded here.

Carousel also offers free in-class drama workshops called Playlinks to the schools who book our plays.

How can I bring a play to my child’s school?

Parents play an important role in bringing Carousel plays to their child’s school, from encouraging administrators to book to helping to fundraise to cover the cost of the performance.

For inquiries, contact our Tour & Outreach Manager at 905-682-8326 *22 or

Do you refund tickets and program fees?

We realize that life with children can be unpredictable, so Carousel Players will refund tickets and program fees if given at least 24 hours notice. Administrative fees may apply.

If you’ve purchased tickets through one of our partner companies, please check with them about their refund policy.

For full details on how to arrange a refund, visit our Policies page.

What is a Sensory Friendly Performance?
A Sensory Friendly performance is an opportunity for families to share in the wonder of theatre in a safe and accepting environment. These performances will have the lights up, the sound turned down, and a space made available for kids to dance, laugh, sing, and enjoy!

We are committed to increasing access and inclusion for our community’s children and families. We wish to do this by ensuring a welcoming and supportive performing arts experience for all children and families this season and in years to come.

To provide a supportive and nurturing environment for children and families, dedicated Sensory Friendly performances include:

  • Reduction of loud or jarring sounds
  • Reductions in flashing or strobe lights
  • Modification of the house lights during the performance
  • Accommodated house rules: audience members are free to talk or move during the show
  • Extra staff and volunteer support.

Audience members are welcome to bring their own manipulatives, seat cushions, comfort objects, and extra support items to the show. Families may select their own seats, but if special assistance or a buffer seat is needed, please let the box office and/or staff know.

For more information email us.

Family Performances

When and where do you perform?

Each Carousel Players show travels around Niagara on Community Tours in November and April.

Our performances take place in public venues, such as community centres and theatres. We always choose accessible, family-friendly locations.

We visit at least three or four Niagara municipalities with each tour. Specific dates and times are listed on our events calendar.

How much are tickets?

Tickets to Carousel Players Community Tour performances are $10 plus HST.

When we partner with other companies to present our work, or a performance is part of a community special event, prices may vary.

During each tour, there is one pay-what-you-want performance: the Debra McLauchlan Memorial show to support arts education programs and our annual AFC benefit. Check our events calendar for the dates and locations of these shows.

How can I get tickets to a show?

Tickets can be purchased through our website, Facebook events, partner companies, and at the performance.

You can buy online or call us at 905-682-8326 to purchase or reserve tickets.

Camps & Classes

What are full day camp hours?

Camps run from 9 am to 4 pm, and include a morning break, lunch, and an afternoon break

We offer early drop-off starting at 8:30am and late pick-up until 4:30pm free of charge.

Is the camp a nut-free facility?

The camp is a nut-free environment and there is always at least one adult certified in first aid on site at all times.

The building is not guaranteed to be nut free, as it is a shared facility. If allergies, nuts or otherwise, are a concern let us know and we will do our best to make arrangements to create a safe environment.

Are the age groups for camps firm?

The age groups are arranged so that the children are at similar stages of social development. We don’t want anyone to feel too old or too young – they’re there to learn and have fun.

If your child’s birthday and school grade put them in a different social group, accommodations can be made.

Will snacks/lunch be provided?

No, we do not provide snacks or lunches.

Please pack your child a nut-free lunch and snacks as needed.

Is there a safety plan implemented at the camp?

At Carousel Players, creating safe spaces for our employees, campers, and families is a priority. We implement a general health and safety plan that includes emergency exits, a fire safety plan, what to do in case of an accident, and how to respect allergies in our facility. This plan is available for download on our policies page. We also have at least one staff member trained in first aid on site at all times.

Be Part of our Work

Can my teen volunteer with Carousel?

Yes, we welcome volunteers aged 14 to 17 as co-op students (all semesters) and as assistants at our classes, camps, and community events.

Volunteers should apply by completing the contact form on our Volunteer page. They will be asked to complete an interview.

Volunteering at Carousel Players counts towards Community Involvement hours. Please bring the appropriate forms if you wish to apply these hours towards the program.

Can my child audition for Carousel Players?

Carousel Players does not work with child performers in our touring productions. 

Children who participate in our arts education programs perform a play of their own creation at the end of each camp and class.

If your child is interested in performing beyond what our classes and camps offer, there are several drama schools in Niagara who use their students in public performances, as well as community theatres that have young companies.

How can I perform / create with Carousel Players?

We hold general auditions once a year. You can find more information in the Create With Us section.

Please be aware if you are considering auditioning for us that our performers work 40+ hours a week rehearsing and touring our shows. As a result, we are seeking trained professional actors for our productions.

If you are interested in performing but not as a full-time job, there are several excellent community theatres in the Region. Carousel Players encourages you to explore the opportunity to perform with them.

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