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  • The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito by Tomson Highway

    The Incredible Adventures of Mary Jane Mosquito

    Mary Jane Mosquito has no wings. At home and at school she is teased by the other mosquitos. What she really wants to do is sing her songs, share her language, and make friends. But how will she fit in without wings?

  • Lig and Bittle

    Lig and Bittle

    Lig and Bittle set out on a quest to find a place where they will both fit in, and where they won’t feel different anymore. Will they make it past the Muckety Muck and the Ooga Monster to Perfeckt Phitt?

  • Chirag Naik in CRANKED by Michael P Northey


    A pulse-pounding full-sensory experience told through spoken word and hip-hop that deals in the brutal realities of addiction and the redemption that can lie in recovery.

  • Water Wonder

    Fearing the loss of his beloved woods to a new water bottling company, Richard is trying to convince his family, friends and the town council to save the forest near his house. How can one kid make a difference?

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