Preparing For Our Visit To You

Preparing For Our Visit To You 2017-05-24T12:56:17+00:00

Preparing for Our Visit

We believe in the intimate experience of live theatre. Theatre brings us together in one place for a couple of hours, to share together in witnessing and contemplating a story that may be funny, thought-provoking, and hopefully moving. Theatre exists for the present. Bringing our plays into your schools is vitally important to a conversation we hope to honour on how we stay present and connected to each other. We feel this conversation for youth is useful in the place they are most familiar with: their school. School is often the place where children can feel safe to share their thoughts about the stories they see and are touched by.

We are committed to anything we can do to encourage theatregoing and make it a life-long habit with our younger generation. We look forward to our visit with you!

Below is the structure we follow in bringing theatre to your students.

Arrival Time

We will arrive approximately one hour prior to the performance.  At the time of our arrival we will need free and exclusive access to the performance area.  We also ask that any gates, chains, doors, etc., on route to the performance area be unlocked.

Student Help

We would appreciate 5 students to help us erect our set and organize the seating.  These students should be at the school ready to assist when the actors arrive one hour prior to the performance.  Their help is also needed after the performance to take down the set.  This usually takes half an hour.

Performance Location

A clean gymnasium floor, cleared of all equipment with the basketball nets raised if possible and any overhead fans turned off.  We also require 20 chairs stacked in the gym for seating for teachers and guests.

Dressing Rooms

We will need 2 dressing rooms, gym change rooms or stages with curtains or other suitable changing area.  If possible, this room should be locked during the presentation.

Bells and Announcements

If possible, the bells and/or announcements should be turned off for the duration of the performance.  We also ask that access to the performance area be restricted in order to minimize distractions once the students are seated.

Visiting Schools

If a neighbouring school attends the performance we ask that their students be at your school 15 minutes prior to the performance.  Please make sure that we are aware if another school is attending!!


During the play NO PHOTOGRAPHS may be taken.  If your school is interested in having any photos take when the play is finished we require 24 hours notice  and our Stage Manager would be happy to arrange for any photos.  Please, NO VIDEOTAPING of our play.


We will be using the gym floor to set up and the performing area required is 25′ x 25′ with a height of 12′.  Students are seated on the gym floor.

Photos by Barsin Aghajan from the show The Incredible Speediness of Jamie Cavanaugh featuring Sean Baek, Darla Biccum, Daniel Maslany, Amelia Sargisson. Video includes Stage Manager, Elsa Pihl.