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The Norah Morgan Memorial Award

Norah Morgan was an influential international ambassador of drama education for both students and teachers for over fifty years. In 1972, Norah Morgan worked with Des Davis in developing a vision for Carousel Players that continues to inspire students and teachers locally, provincially, nationally and internationally. The Norah Morgan Memorial Award honours her leadership and influence in enriching the lives of young people through the arts.

Norah Morgan with students

2017 Winner of the Norah Morgan Award

Carousel Players is proud to announce that the winner of the 12th Annual Norah Morgan Award is Mrs. Tasya Candeloro, a Grade 3 teacher at St. Anthony Catholic Elementary School in St. Catharines.

Candelorophoto2A life-long resident of St. Catharines and graduate of Brock University, over her 17 year career teaching Grades 1, 2 and 3, Mrs. Candeloro taught at St. Thomas More School in Niagara Falls for 14 years and joined the staff of St. Anthony in 2014. Before principal Michael Hendrickse retired last year, he nominated Mrs. Candeloro for this prestigious award. He praised her as a dedicated educator who demonstrates a high level of commitment in promoting the arts as an essential part of the educational curriculum. She has inspired her students, regardless of their individual abilities/needs, not only to participate more actively but to develop their creativity and self-expression more fully through the use of music. An accomplished pianist, Tasya has a piano into her classroom so that she can integrate music into her daily classroom activities. She truly believes that, by using music in the classroom, all students can develop their academic and interpersonal skills more successfully.

“I come from a family of teachers – my parents, my in-laws and my husband are teachers”; says Tasya Candeloro. “From an early age I knew I wanted to be a teacher. I was an active helper with my mother’s classroom and I saw the impact of her dedication to teaching children. I am a classroom teacher who integrates the arts into my every day classroom – music, drama and creative movement. Integrating drama into our classroom activities helps children be more creative, express themselves more easily, inspires self-confidence, increases their ability to focus longer on tasks and helps them to work more collaboratively. This year, my Grade 3 students are excited to be writing their own songs.”

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The Norah Morgan Memorial Award Winner, 2016

Carousel Players is pleased to announce that Lori Moccio, an Arts teacher for Grades 1 to 8 at Jeanne Sauvé French Immersion School in St. Catharines is the 2016 winner of the Norah Morgan Memorial Award.

“It is an honour to be nominated by my school and to receive this wonderful award from Carousel Players,” said Lori Moccio. “From an early age, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. After graduating from the University of Western Ontario with a music degree and obtaining a teaching degree at Brock, I taught for 4 years in Toronto and then moved back to Niagara where I’ve enjoyed teaching at 4 different schools:  Crowland Central, Richmond Street, Briardale, and Jeanne Sauvé French Immersion. My great joy is to teach the arts cross-curricularly and to find ways that every child in our school can fully participate in the arts. In Grade 4, for example, we used science vocabulary about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores to create rhythmic patterns. We then layered all the patterns and performed them in many different ways, using our bodies as instruments and eventually creating a whole class dance. In our Grade 2 classes we looked at images of different geographical landmarks in Canada. We made up a movement for each of our images and then danced all of Canada from west to east. We repeated the same lesson and selected and mapped geographic features in Niagara like the Welland Canal, Niagara Falls, the Escarpment, and created dances for each of them. We ended the class by dancing places on our map of Niagara!”

School principal Candi Sitko who nominated Mrs. Moccio said, “Lori is passionate about teaching through the arts and engaging students in creative, authentic ways and has taught the arts to all elementary grades throughout her career. In addition to her teaching talents, Lori was part of a visionary team for DSBN Arts and the Elementary Arts Council. She is an engaging, knowledgeable and approachable teacher leader who has led DSBN initiatives such as the Niagara Elementary Music Festival, created many after school workshops and served as a great mentor to help DSBN teachers integrate the music curriculum into their classrooms.”

Lori Moccio with students

2015 Norah Morgan Award Winner – Marty Umanetz

Carousel Players announced that the winner of the 10th Annual Norah Morgan Award is     Mr. Marty Umanetz, a teacher at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School in St. Catharines. Originally from Stoney Creek, Mr. Umanetz is a Grade 4/5 teacher at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Elementary School.  He moved to the Niagara region 21 years ago to assist in developing the Niagara Catholic District School Board’s CyberQuest Program. He integrated skills gained in film and theatre with technology to help elementary students learn effective communication skills in video production.

Fellow colleague Stefan Kamendy, also a teacher at Our Lady of Fatima, nominated Mr. Umanetz for this prestigious award. “I cannot imagine another teacher having more knowledge and experience in a range of artistic media in an elementary classroom while being so completely committee to the development of our youth” Kamendy wrote in his nomination letter.

An accomplished artist himself, in both the performing and visual arts, Mr. Umanetz believes that “art is a powerful application to communicate and a vehicle for self expression.” Marty goes on to explain, “Art develops intense creativity and ingenuity skills. How are we preparing our students for their future when the majority of them will work at jobs that haven’t been invented yet? Finding employment will demand they need a lot more than out of the box thinking. They will need to be able to reinvent the box.” On a final reflection on the power of art Umanetz refers to the genius Einstein who said “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we know, where imagination embraces all that ever will be.”

2014 Norah Morgan Award Winner – Sandie Heckel

Carousel Players announced that Sandie Heckel, a teacher at Power Glen Public School in St. Catharines is the winner of the 9th Annual Norah Morgan Award.

Principal Candi Sitko who nominated Mrs. Heckel said,”Sandie is an exceptional teacher who is passionate about the importance of the arts in the education of children and is a keen advocate for the arts. She also teaches her students to give back to others. Last June, she organized a Talent Show at our school to raise funds for the ArtsCan Circle, an organization which sends teams of musicians and artists to remote Canadian Indigenous communities to link creative artists with Indigenous youth at risk. She has been a member of the DSBN Arts Team for over 8 years during which time she assisted teachers in further their own skills in teaching the Arts. Sandie is truly an arts leader in our Board.”

“I’ve been involved in education in many different ways since I graduated from the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa,” said Heckel. “Mostly, I have been a music teacher to students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 and I have also spent 8 years as a Teacher Librarian. I am passionate about education and especially education through the arts. The arts bring people together, challenging us to really listen to each other and work collaboratively. The arts encourage us to think deeply and respond creatively.”

2013 Norah Morgan Award Winner – Paul Lukacs

Carousel Players is pleased to announce that Paul Lukacs, a St. Catharines resident and a Grade 5 teacher at St. Philomena Catholic School in Fort Erie, is the 2013 winner of the Norah Morgan Memorial Award.

School principal Robert Grand who nominated Lukacs said, “Paul Lukacs is a dynamic, energetic teacher who has had a very positive impact on our school in his two years here at St. Philomena. Paul is an exemplary teacher in terms of promoting and integrating music, drama, art and dance into his classroom and at our school. For example, he inspires his students to play an instrument and teaches all of his Grade 5 students to play the harmonica. They’ve performed at local shopping malls and at Education Week Showcases. Paul makes sure that everyone has a part in each play he directs including those who are first time performers.The kids in his classroom love to dance thanks to Paul’s enthusiasm and skill.”

“Carousel Players has been showcasing productions for schools and the region since I was in elementary school at St. James School in St. Catharines”, said Paul Lukacs. “I knew I wanted to be a teacher after coaching minor sports – getting young people working together is very rewarding. It is an honour to be nominated by my school and to receive this prestigious award from Carousel Players.”

2012 Norah Morgan Award Winner – Nancy Gill

Carousel Players is pleased to announce that Nancy Gill, a Grade 8 and visual ars teacher for Grades 2 to 8 at Power Glen School is the 2012 winner of the Norah Morgan Memorial Award.

“I chose to become a teacher in my thirties and I went to BrockUniversity and graduated with 2 degrees in 5 years,” said Nancy Gill. “At Brock I received great encouragement from two mentors in particular – Derek Knight and Warren Hartman. All of my fifteen years of teaching have been at Power Glen School in St. Catharines– fourteen years teaching Grade 6 and teaching Grade 8 for the first time this year. I really enjoy incorporating all of the arts into my every day classroom, teaching my students new ways of looking at art and helping them to work to their potential. I am honoured to be nominated by my school and to receive this award.”

Principal Candi Sitko who nominated Gill said, “Nancy is an outstanding teacher, an artist herself who is very passionate about the instruction of the visual arts. On any given day, at any given time, art is happening in Nancy’s classroom, whether it be using a mirror to draw a self-portrait in Grade 7, creating a dragon in Grade 4, or learning about the importance of lines in Grade 2. Once a year, Nancy organizes an “Art Gallery Opening” for her intermediate students that includes a detailed written passage about the process, the thinking and the reasoning behind each student’s artwork. She cares about her students being the best they can be in all areas of their lives. Visual arts is the vehicle she uses to accomplish this.” Nancy Gill also works with groups of Niagara teachers in Visual Arts Learning Groups to share her ideas and arts resources to integrate the Visual Arts in their classroom activities. For over six years, Ms. Gill has been a member of the Elementary Arts Council and Elementary Arts Showcase committee and helped to develop curriculum and visual arts resources for teachers.

2011 Norah Morgan Award Winner – Laurie Crain-Anez

Carousel Players is pleased to announce that Laurie Crain-Anez, a teacher and arts coach in visual art and drama in Catholic schools across Niagara, is the 2011 winner of the Norah Morgan Memorial Award. On January 25th at the Niagara Catholic District School Board meeting, the Norah Morgan Award presentation was made to Mrs.Crain-Anez by Debra McLauchlan, Chair of the Carousel Players Board of Directors. Mrs. Crain-Anez selected St. Patrick Catholic Elementary School in Niagara Falls to receive a free Carousel Players performance of Peg and the Yeti on April 4, 2011.

Two educators who nominated Laurie (Nadine Riddle and Christine Rotundo) said, “Laurie Crain-Anez has shared her love of the Arts by engaging students, staff members and members of the arts community as part of her daily life throughout her teaching career. As a classroom teacher Mrs. Crain-Anez used the arts daily in her teaching. They say to teach is to touch a life forever and Mrs. Crain-Anez has touched so many lives by introducing them to the world of the Arts.” Mrs. Crain-Anez has been a member of the Niagara Catholic District School Board’s Arts Curriculum Council, has participated in the revision process of the Arts Curriculum Document for the Ministry of Education, conducted Arts workshops for the Niagara Catholic District School Board Professional Activity Days and also volunteers on the City of Niagara Falls’ Arts & Culture Committee.

“This is a great honour to win this teaching award named after Norah Morgan, said Crain-Anez. “I had the privilege of learning from Norah at Brock’s Faculty of Education when I completed my Dramatic Arts certification. Norah was so inspiring – I’ve used her book as a teaching resource so often that it’s now in pieces.”

2010 Norah Morgan Award Winner – Sharon Hellinga

Carousel Players is pleased to announce that Sharon Hellinga, an art teacher and librarian from Lakeview Public School in Grimsby is the 2010 winner of the Norah Morgan Memorial Award. Mrs. Hellinga received the award on February 9, 2010 at the Board meeting of the District School Board of Niagara. Lakeview School received a free performance by Carousel Players of Danny, King of the Basement for students in Grades 4 to 8 at Mrs. Hellinga’s school in Grimsby on March 10, 2010.

Her nominator, Lakeview School Principal Andrea Jack said, “Mrs. Hellinga has made an incredible impact in the arts with students, staff members and administration over her 12 years teaching at our school. She models her love of art everyday and ties that love into literacy and social studies daily. All you need to do is walk through our school’s front doors to see her influence on the walls and classrooms of the school. The “Peace” mural project displayed in the front foyer of our school began as a Remembrance Day project initiated by Mrs. Hellinga that involved 30 students. It is a showcase of our students’ creative talents and a symbol of our students’ commitment to become agents of change in their world.”

2009 Norah Morgan Award Winner – Anneliese Burke

Carousel Players is pleased to announce that teacher Mrs. Anneliese Burke from Notre Dame Catholic Elementary School in Niagara Falls is the 2009 winner of the Norah Morgan Memorial Award. Mrs. Burke received the award on Tuesday, January 27th at the Trustees Meeting of the Niagara Catholic District School Board.

Notre Dame School Principal Lorrie MacKenzie who nominated her said, “Mrs. Burke is a very energetic teacher who uses song, music, drama, expression and “oomph” to emphasize learning in everything she does with her junior and senior kindergarten classes. Seeing one of Mrs. Burke’s students’ performances makes us marvel at how the arts can bring out the very best in 3 to 5 year olds.” Mrs. Anneliese Burke’s career in teaching spans 32 years in 3 Niagara Falls Schools – Our Lady of Mount Carmel, St. Joseph and Notre Dame Catholic School and teaching all grades from JK to 8 except Grades 1 and Grade 6. Anneliese Burke is a teacher who actively celebrates the arts and fosters creativity and confidence in her pupils. “I believe that the arts are for everyone and we should encourage children to actively participate in music, dance, drama and art,” said Burke. “In my classes, we listen to music, sing and dance every day and make the words in our books come alive.”

2008 Norah Morgan Award Winner – Jerome Black

Carousel Players is pleased to announce that teacher Jerome Black from Maple Grove Public School in Beamsville is the 2008 recipient of the Norah Morgan Memorial Award. Jerome Black received the 2008 Norah Morgan Memorial Award on January 22, 2008 at the District School Board of Niagara Board of Trustees meeting in St. Catharines.

This is the third annual presentation of the award in memory of drama education pioneer Norah Morgan. Nominated by his former Principal Genny Weerdenburg, who said “Jerome’s passion for the Arts (music, drama and dance) has been very evident not only within the very walls of Maple Grove School but also throughout the Niagara Region. His Grade 4/5 students and every student at Maple Grove School are the lucky recipients of his creativity and marvel at his natural ability to bring the arts alive. While at Maple Grove School, he has written, directed, managed, produced and choreographed a number of theatrical productions such as: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Rumpelstiltskin, Fame MG ( standing for Maple Grove, of course!) and is currently in the process of producing My Father’s Dragon. During these productions, Maple Grove School turns into a theatrical dream, with the helping hands of the school community waiting with baited breath to see what Jerome will create. Jerome teaches/co-teaches the Kindergarten to Grade 5 Arts Curriculum (music, drama and dance) and he has arranged for the students to visit Carousel Players, the Symphony in Hamilton and “Lion King” in Toronto. His Grade 4/5 students have recently been involved in Koi and the Koala: An African Folktale using ‘black light’ as an English integrated curriculum project, all under his direction. In the school community he is known, appreciated and loved for his many talents.”

2007 Norah Morgan Award Winner – Barb Hennessy

Carousel Players is pleased to announce St. George’s Barb Hennessy as the second recipient of the Norah Morgan Memorial Award. This year, the award goes to an educator in the Niagara Catholic District School Board.

Her nominator, Principal Bob Grand noted, “Barb demonstrates the qualities of an excellent teacher in the arts. For not being an arts major, she put her creative ability and teaching experience to test at St. George. She has impressed her colleagues with her re-enactment of the Titanic story with her grade two/three class one year. Implementing the curriculum along with drama, she had each of her students dress the part of a passenger on the Titanic. Each student was responsible for explaining his or her researched role in the story to the parents and students of the school in a performance. It was remarkable to see the students role play the history of the story, with a wall sized ship, music, food and replicas of ticket menus and programs.”

Barb Hennessy, was in fact a past student of Norah Morgan during her undergraduate education at Brock University. Dr. Debra McLauchlan, selection committee member and student of Norah, aptly stated, “Norah is smiling down at us for recognizing the achievements of these special arts educators.”

2006 Norah Morgan Award Winner – Tim Mallory

Carousel Players is pleased to announce Dalewood Senior Public School’s Tim Mallory as the first recipient of the Norah Morgan Memorial Award. Through the creation of new music programming, award winner Tim Mallory has fostered a love of music in his students, engaging 90% of Dalewood’s student body to participate in choir and orchestra. Mallory started his teaching career in 1990 as an itinerant instrumental music teacher with the Lincoln County Board of Education where he nearly doubled student enrolment in the program over four years. Mallory has been at Dalewood Senior Public School for the past 12 years where he has successfully built a school choir of over 200 students, organized “Choral Spring Sing” for St. Catharines North End Schools, started a grade 8 instrumental music program, as well as organized and led Dalewood’s annual Christmas concert and Spring variety show.

What is most impressive about Tim Mallory is his genuine passion for music and for teaching. Dalewood principal Mary Ulisko, who nominated Tim for the award, recognizes his special connection with his students: “Tim Mallory is passionate and he instils interest, understanding and passion in his students.”